Why should I buy from JF ?

Jeevamrut foods are grown and nurtured without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are directly delivered from the farms to the customers. Here we are getting the best products (Naturally grown) at reasonable costs because of the elimination of the middlemen.

What is minimum order size ?

Rs 500 INR

Where do you ship ?

We are now shipping throughout Hyderabad but delivery charges should bear by You.

How do you ship orders?

We Directly deliver to the address provided

Pick up – while ordering if you want to pick up from manikonda store please mention that in comment box 

What are the delivery charges ?

1. Min. order size 500
2. Manikonda : > 1000, Free delivery
3. Only apartment based deliveries. Min. 10 customers from that apartment
4. Location based Delivery charges
5. Subscription option: 5% discount and 2 Free delivery